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Samurai Champloo

I have been an anime fan for many years as I approach age 28 (Yikes!). I enjoy anime because it allows you to dive into a fantasy world and witness a story unfold right in front of your eyes. I enjoy action movies and action based anime, I grew up wishing I could turn into a Super Saiyan. Jayden I understand where you’re coming from. I love anime where the main fighters have cool powers and transformations. But, enough of all that, let me give you all what you came here to see. At the time this post August 3, 2015 all of the following anime where available on Netflix. If you missed them, check them out on Crunchy Roll. My top 5 anime to watch on Netflix goes as the following.

Samuri Champloo | 26 Episodes

You can’t be an anime fan with out enjoying some Samuri Champloo. I enjoyed this show because it featured two dynamic main characters Mugen and Jin. Mugen is a loud mouth don’t give a damn swordsmen while Jin is the calm, I’d love to see him angry swordsmen. These two are skilled swordsmen that start the series off in a dual. They then take a break from trying to kill each other to assist a young girl named Fuu with her mission. If you like katanas and lots of fighting you will enjoy this action packed anime. Samurai Champloo Swag


attack on titan

Attack on Titan | 25 Episodes

Attack on Titan is one hell of an anime. There is not a slow minute in the show from the start to the end. This anime art style is beautiful and it has some great sound track music. The story is focused on a boy named Eren that witnesses his mother eating alive as giants invade their city. Eren then swears to take revenge on these mysteries giants. The story is filled with plot twist that makes you stick around to watch the whole series.  Attack on Titans is amazing from beginning to end and I recommend you check it out. Attack on Titan Swag

addicting games

Fate/Zero | 25 Episodes

Fate/Zero is a sleeper I don’t hear too many people talk about but my goodness it’s a true gem. The animation in this anime is simply amazing. The story is dark but welcoming, I stumbled across this anime one day I was bored at home. After the first episode I was hooked! 6 hours later I was a true fan of the series. The story focuses on a dark war that happens every 60 years. Mages from different families fight in a holy grail war which the  winner gets to grant a wish of their choosing. Sable which is show above is one of the legendary warriors summed to fight is this war. The show can be confusing at times but, slowly it all comes together in a wonderful climax. I recommend you check this amazing anime out.


the devil is a part timer

The Devil is a Part-Timer! | 13 Episodes

The Devil is a Part-timer is hilarious. The Devil of another world and his top general find themselves in modern day Tokyo. With no real job skills and magic slowly running out the Devil is forced to take a job at McDonalds. This story is a heartwarming comedy which will keep you right on the edge of your seat. It is not just a comedy though, there are a lot of fast paced action scenes as well. The Devil is a Part-Timer Swag


Sword art online

Sword Art Online | 25 Episodes

Sword Art Online was a pleasant surprise. I saw a clip of this anime on Youtube of a fight scene and thats all it took to get me hooked! This anime is based in a MMORPG video game that players are trapped in (cliche yeah I know). However, the interesting thing is if the players die in the game, they also die in real-life (now I have your attention). From this point on Kirito and his friends join a pact to beat the game, because thats the only way they can get out the trapped world. Kirito is a skilled swordsmen so it was a pleasure to watch him fight numerous enemies and learn new battle skills. He’s kind of a badass because he is a lone warrior for most of the show before he joins a team. Don’t sleep on Sword Art Online, it’s a great anime!


hunter x hunter

Hunter X Hunter | 148 Episodes

Hunter X Hunter almost slipped by mind, what a shame it would have been if it had not made the list. The beauty of this series is all the episodes are no Netflix so you have the luxury to sit back and enjoy it. Hunter X Hunter’s story is based on a boy named Gon who thought his father a legendary hunter was dead later to find out he is alive and well. Gon then decides to become a hunter as well and the story takes off from there.

These are some anime’s I enjoyed so far in 2015, what anime are you currently watching? Join the discussion and suggest some get anime.

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Happy watching

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