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Oh Bloodborne

How you suck the life out of my body by the tip of my thumbs. Bloodborne is a heart stopping experience, for any level gamer. This action Rpg will have you seconds away from smashing your controller to kissing your grandma for finally beating that boss. I am not new to the soul series so I was familiar with the gaming mechanics, this being said I was still victim to the beautiful “Died” screen that reminds you of your failures. FromSoft ware truly makes gaming exciting.

In all honestly, that is what makes the game a pleasure to play, it teaches you to crawl before you run. Most games today you could beat them on hard mode in a day with blindfold on (exaggerating..maybe) but, Bloodborne takes you in a time machine to the good ol  Sega & Snes days where console gaming used to punish players. 

Contra was impossible at some points and Bison always seemed to get the best of me. Bloodborne brings me back to my happy place when gaming. If you’re looking for a heart warming story Bloodborne is not your game. However, if you’re looking for a fast pace, look over your shoulder, why did I buy this game hard, action packed Rpg Bloodborne is your game. Bloodborne has installed new life in the modern age of gaming. Check out the video below of a quick peak of whats heading your way. leave some gaming tips you might have in the  comments below. Happy gaming. Oh and enjoy that “Died” screen. Question for readers, whats your favorite gaming console?


4 / 5 “Great game, not for the weak hearted”



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