The Art Of Building A Blog

Welcome To My Gaming Blog

This page will serve as a guide to get a  blog up and running, My blog is focused on RPG (role-playing game) gaming but the tips I will share will be universal to any blogging niche you might think of. I hope you have enjoyed the content so far on my website. Gaming plays a big part in my life, It allows me to escape reality and drive into the world of a distant character. I enjoy RPG’s because they have great stories and there is greater value in an 60 hour RPG than a 15 hour action game. Technology allows us to connect in more ways than ever before. Make sure you’re passionate about the topic you’re blogging about.

Questions I normally get are “Do I have to be a professional gamer? Are there still gamers that read blogs? How can I relate to casual and hardcore RPG gamers? I don’t know how to code? Is blogging a full-time job? Can I make money from blogging? and so forth. I’m here to say blogging is what you want it to be.

It is a way to connect with people all around the world on topics you are passionate about. Can it be tough? Yes, Is it hard to start a blog? No, Do you have to know everything? No, Can you make money? Yes. My advice is to start your blog and don’t look back. Stay consistent, I can’t stress this enough. Keep your blog fresh and up to date, post regularly and connect with your audience.  So without further ado let’s get started!

To build a good RPG gaming blog solid information is needed. There are multiple locations you can get gaming information from such as message for forums like Gamefaqs and Ign. You don’t have  to be an expert just share your ideas and thoughts on your blog. Gamers from all over the world will comment on your content which will serve on feedback you can use to enhance your blog.

I have a passion for gaming and anime, but I’m not limited to that. I also enjoy action games as well. I created this blog to share my views on the gaming industry, connect with people and show people you too can start your own blog.

Google Alerts is a wonderful way of getting fast current information. You can set it up to alert you by email when a story based on your parameters are set. This allows you to have fast gaming information at your finger tips.

Starting Your Blog (Domain)

First you need to decide on what your domain name is going to be. It is important to make a domain name that is simple and rolls off the tongue smoothly. I would not recommend any fancy spelling as it can make it difficult for others to find. For example my domain is short easy and relates to my topic. I am trying reach the gamer, gaming market so It served its purpose. Another blog I host is which also following my guide lines.

Website/Blog Hosting

Deciding where to host your blog is your next decision. For my blogs I use Hostgator.  I chose them because they are reliable and have great customer service if you ever run into trouble with your blog. There are other hosting platforms on the internet, read reviews on others and make the right decision for yourself.

Layout Of Your Blog/Website

This step is the most important, we visitors come to your blog you want them to have a good experience. This might sound vague but let me explain. You want to make sure the contrast from background to print is legible and clear, you want a theme that’s smooth and responsive to mobile devices.

Google has included “mobile friendly” into its ranking metrics so keep that in mind when designing your blog.  I use WordPress for my blogs because it is easy to use, has a large community, and it’s updated regularly. This is key, you want to use a platform that is robust and updated often.

It is important to build a road map inside your blog that makes it easy for viewers to navigate your blog. Make use of internal links, this works two ways, it allows viewers to stay on your website longer and it makes it easier for Google’s crawlers to search your page and get an idea of what your website is about. Example if I wanted to link viewers to my blogs anime section I would add a link to the text like I just did there. Or if I wanted a link to the gaming section or recent gaming news I would link those pages so viewers can find more useful information on my blog. When creating your blog always think of the user experience first! Everything else comes second. There are lots of resources to learn more about Internal linking I like to refer to Moz when I need to do research, they have good reading material in internal links and SEO.

Content Of Your Blog

This is where you get to go crazy and share your views on whatever your topic is. Be bold, be creative, and be honest people value genuine people. For samples check out my Bloodborne blog post. I simple shared my love and hate for the game in a way that’s humorous  and engaging for the reader. My goal is to connect with gamers all of the world and get a different perceptive on the current gaming industry. This includes, casual gamers, professional gamers, rpg gamers, fps gamers and more. My focus is on building a community.

There are multiple routes you can take when setting up your blog. You can build a blog that focuses on reviews and recommending products, you can make a blog that talks about the latest news on a specific top, it all depends on what your goals are.

Making My Blogging

Show me the money! This is by far the most question I get from viewers. How can I make money blogging? Can I quit my job and blog? Can I make money fast blogging? This answer is complex. Let me explain, Think of blogging as a craft it takes time to flourish your skills. Same thing with your blog, yes you can make money, will you make it fast? That I can’t answer. Blogging takes time to build your audience, don’t focus on making money, focus on writing compelling articles that draw people into your community and everything else will fall into place.

There are multiple ways to make money on your blog, one of the most popular is Google Adsense. This allows you to put ads on our website from Google, Adsense will read your content and send you ads that are related to your page. For example I host a gaming blog so most of my ads are geared towards gaming or technology. There are also affiliate programs you can join, you make money by linking viewers to products they can buy, when they purchase an item you get a percentage of the commission. Amazon’s affiliate program gives you the flexibility to suggest just about (any product) they have on their website to customers.  Another method is selling ad space to other companies, to do this you would need a high level of traffic coming to your website. There are more methods to monetize your blog, do a Google search and see with method fits you.

Building Your Brand For Your Blog/Website

Social media is a great way to build a brand and create a following. Be genuine, share and connect with the audience you are trying to reach. Twitter and Facebook are a great platform to create a brand presence and connect with your fans.

Target Your Audience!

Don’t just post your content on any social media platform, see where your viewers are and post your connect there. If your blogs are image focused make sure to create an Instagram and Tumbler account. If your blog is content based make sure you create a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Post often and comment on topics in your niche, make it a fun experience.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important when it comes to ranking your website on google. This will be your primary way of growing your business. Social media is a great source of traffic but organic seasons from good will boast your gaming blog through the room. Utilizing backlinks are beneficial to growing an online presence. DearBlogger has a great guide on guest posting and the benefits it holds.



This topic is important in such a competitive market. You have to show users you are different form the last person. What so special about your website? These are question you need to answer before diving into this wonder world of action and adventure.

There are multiple angles you can approach a gaming blog, you can do a review site, a streaming, or a rank site. Who doesn’t like seeing a rant from time to time.

Traffic is king, so you have to be mindful of your position and now growth is not going to happen over night. It takes time to build the brand and create a following. Be passionate about the content you are writing and think about the customer first, not optimizing pages and post for SEO purposes.

SEO Tips and Tricks when building a blog

Focus on creating content that people will want to enjoy, To many times people get caught up in SEO and forget about the user experience. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the people consuming your content. Ask questions such as: Would I visit this site frequently? What do I think about the content? Does the author encourage me to comment on the topic discussed? Think of these things when compiling your content.

Long Tailed Keywords

What are long-tailed keywords you might ask. They are longer keywords people use to find a specific topic or item. Example, if I were looking for a gaming blog on RPG’s I would not such “gaming blog” in google, I would search “gaming blog for PS4 RPG” for it to be specific. So when looking for words to rank for focus on long tail words because they will have a lower competing for that word verses searching for gaming blog. For more information check out Moz long tailed keyword work guide.

When adding keywords to your content make sure not to over do it. Google does not like websites to be over optimized, they will penalize you. This would affect your search query ranking. Let the content flow, focus on engaging the viewers.

I hope this guide was able to help you start your blogging page. If you have a questions please feel free to ask.



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