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Dark Souls 3 DLC Is Coming!

How Will You Prepare?

Dark Souls 3 developers Fromsoft stated they are working on what it seems to be two Dark Souls 3 DLC’s at the moment. They were asked what the future on the souls series would hold and they said ” They are focused on making Dark Souls 3 the best game it can be”. What are your thoughts on this? What would you like to see them add or change to the game?

My Personal List:

  • I would like new game plus to have new enemy location to spice things up
  • Stronger bosses and enemies, the current state is a joke
  • Unique items or monsters you can only encounter in new game plus
  • More weapon arts

This is all I have so far. In the meantime while we wait click here to watch my Dark Souls 3 Full Playthrough

Dark Souls 3 NG+ Str/Faith Build Playthrough 

Dark Souls 3 Dex Build Playthrough


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