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tri-ace exisit archive

Tri-Ace Returns!

Over the years I’ve wording what happened to Tri-Ace, the company that brought us the wonderful Star Ocean series. Last I heard they were bought out by a mobile gaming company. Times must have been tough for them, but without fail they have just announced a new game in partnership with Chunsoft called Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky.

From the pictures seen so far the game sports a classic 2d, 3d art style which is what Tri-Ace usually goes for in their games. The battle system resembles that of a Star Ocean game. You get to control four party members in battle.

Players will explore dungeons in a classic side scrolling manner, in battle players will use the four buttons to unleash flashy combos. This reminds me of Valkyrie Profile, looks like Tri-Ace is trying to pull parts for is prior success. This new formula should be interesting to see unfold.

Exisst Archive

The game will be for the Playstation 4 and Vita, Exist Archive is set to launch in Japan later this year with no release date stated for the US. Hopefully we’ll get more information soon, with a western release date.

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