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Fate Can Be So Bitter & Sweet

Fate/Zero  an amine you have to watch. I stumbled on this show as I was in-betweenNaruto and Bleach looking for something new to enjoy. I decided to try it out and man, it was a good decision to say the least. I watched half the season in one day..(yeah I know lol) From the beginning to the end it left me on the edge of my seat. I will not say much about the story other than if you enjoy swords, magic and great drawing you will love Fate/Zero. It is based on an ancient war that takes place among six choose masters.

The action never ceased from the first episode till the end. They will battle to the death to gain the holy grail which is only acquired by the win of the war. If you get the chance check out this action packed anime series. Fate/Zero sports excellent visual make sure you see it in HD to experience the series as it was intended.  If you’re a causal anime viewer Fate/Zero is a get anime to start with. An addicting series, there should be games made after this show. Check it out and tell me what you think! 

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4.5/5 “Action is relentless, be ready”

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