Final Fantasy XV New Trailer -Dawn | Dear Gamer


Square Enix just released a new trailer titled “Dawn” for the highly anticipated RPG Final Fantasy XV for the PS4 and Xbox One. In the trailer it shows a young Noctis tucked in his dads arms, the tone and the music playing in the background makes it seem as this was a climactic moment for his father. This Father whispers “I’ll be with you.. always” as a tear falls down his cheeks. Then, some giant monsters manifest in front of them. It was a heart touching video, it had a similar feeling to the final fight scene in the first 300 movie (okay maybe not as intense).

Square Enix is starting to build some suspense and raise some questions such as, what happened to his father? What is Noctis fighting for? Hopefully we will receive some more beautiful trailers to answer these questions. Final Fantasy XV has no release date yet. Whats your thought on FF15 join the discussion on the gaming forums

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