Lets Play Bloodborne – Secret Final Boss | Dear Gamer


Can’t Touch This

Bloodborne is a game that requires a mild level on patience and a decent level of skill, unless you summon for help all the time. in that case please exit now, just kidding, Bloodborne is a fast pace action RPG that test your skills but rewards you with a sense of accomplishment. Bloodborne is all filled with  many secrets so uncover, it keeps you coming back for more. Example the Burial Blade that you’re supposed to get on the second play through I was able to get in my first play through also, if you manage to get the blade by gathering the three umbilical cord you get access to a secret final boss battle. In my lets play video below I take on this monster and arise victorious (after two tries). Check it out and tell me what you think! Did you fight this boss? What’s your review of the game?

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