Sightsion – A New CGI Anime On The Horizon


The Battle Of The Tribes

Sightsion is a new CGI style anime series that takes place on a planet that has humans that have amazing powers called miracles. They can use the powers to control the elements or have super human strength and speed. The animation style reminds me of the 3D transformers series they used to show on Saturday mornings, to say the least it takes me back to my childhood. Every human in this world belongs to a tribe, each tribe has its own unique powers. The people found that the use of their powers was having a negative affect on their planet by draining it of its resources. Therefore the people were no longer allowed to use their powers. There was a brief time of peace, but war has broken out among the different tribes in the world. Of the tribes, there are two unique tribes that have powers greater than all the rest. Sightsion the tribe that has angel like powers fights for good and Devethor the tribe that has demonic powers uses its powers for evil. Tension is rising among the two unique tribes. From the title of the anime, I have a feeling we will be rooting for the Sightsions. If there is a war, what will be the breaking point that ends their era of peace? We will have to wait and see how the story unfolds.

Official Teaser

Sightsion is set to release Winter 2015 check out for updates on the series.

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  1. i think miracles are not connected with the tribes power, and by the way they did not tell much about miracles conspiracy, lets see wants more coming from the series

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