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Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness

Star Ocean 5 is set to help Tri-Ace return to the console RPG market. The game will be released this winter in Japan for the PS4 and PS3 but, not till next year for North America. North America will only receive the PS4 verizon.

In the past couple of months there has been some interviews with producer of Star Ocean 5 Shuichi Kobayashi, in these interviews he expresses the position they are taking with the upcoming game, also speaking on how they plan to enhance the series while keeping it true to its roots. Some of the take aways were:

  • You can have over six characters in your party, it is unsure if you will be able to use all the characters at once but they will play a bigger role in battle. Battles will take place on a battlefield like setting similar to Infinite Undiscovery, they want it to have a bit of an MMORPG feel but still be Star Ocean.
  • To make the game feel more natural, all party members will be seen in and out of battles, which means when walking around town you can see all party members. The party size will change as the story progresses. Tri-Ace is really focusing on quality, an element they feel they’ve missed past titles.
  • Private actions and item creation will in Star Ocean 5. Private actions will unique depending on the relationship between the characters, as for the item creation Tri-Ace is trying to simplify the system so more people can enjoy it, the system used in Star Ocean 4 was not like among the masses. Cutscenes will not interrupt gameplay they will seamlessly be apart of events.
  • Kabayashi expressed interest in making Star Ocean 6 and Star Ocean 7 as there are stories in the series he said have yet to be shared. Ultimately the future of the series depends on the success of Star Ocean 5

Personally I love the Star Ocean series, it was my introduction to action RPG’s which added more excitement to the battle systems. What are you thoughts on the game so far? Have you played a Star Ocean game before? Join the discussion and tell me what you think!

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