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 Trapped In An Intriguing  MMORPG World

I found myself watching Sword Art Online and it was a wonderful experience. I was searching online for new action packed anime to watch in between Bleach and Attack on Titan manga’s. To assist me with my search I got online and searched “Top Anime To Watch” on Youtube. To my surprised SAO (Sword Art Online) came up frequently in the search results. The title and art style was appealing so I watched a couple of trailers on it and quickly got intrigued. After a two-day Netflix marathon I was in love with the series.

I will not dive to deep into the story, the anime takes place inside a video game called “Sword Art Online” the main character Kirito  loves playing MMORPG so he is excited to jump into this new game. Kirito is not to close to his mom and  sister so he uses video games to escape the troubles of the real world. The anime is set in a fantasy world where virtual reality gaming is the norm. Players  playing the  game are required  to wear  head-gear that puts you in a state of a  coma while you play  similar to oculus rift. Kirito was a beta tester of SAO  so he is familiar to the world and its mechanics. Kirito makes a friend early on as he starts to level up his character, he then encounters a monster that gave him a flash back to a battle he had lost in the beta. After this battle Kirito makes a new friend, they exchanged numbers and agreed to play later that day.

New World?

Just as Kirito starts to get familiar with the new world he realizes he can not log out of the game, suddenly all the players of the game are teleported to plaza area where the game creator awaits them. He tells them that the only way they can leave the game is if they beat the game. Also, telling them if they die in the game the will also die in real life! this gave the game a suspenseful twist that glued me to my seat. SAO brought back memories of Final Fantasy Tactics, In that game if your character died in battle they would die for good. You would not be able to use that character anymore. I recommend playing it if you never got a chance. I believe they have it in the app store if you’re on IOS. As a big fan of RPGs I enjoyed the fantasy elements of this  anime. I would recommend it to anybody that wants to get lost in a fairy tale world.

Check it out and tell me what you think below in the comment section. I believe at the time of this article they are currently showing SAOII on Toonami. If you want some more recommendations on anime check out my other anime post. If you have any suggestions on rpgs  or anime’s I should watch  list them below.

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