My Top 5 Youtubers Of The Week!

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I want to do something a little different on the site and take some time to recognize some Youtuber I feel make great entertaining work. Being a creator is hard work and its good when you find genuine good people that make the art fun. This list is not in any order just the order I want able to find them on my subscription list. I will list one of their videos and their channel name. Support these people by checking out their content as well!

If you have any Youtubers you would like me to check out please comment below and let me know! I am all about building a community that supports each other. You can click on their names to go to their Youtube channels.

#1 Pharaoh TV

What Do I Enjoy

I like Pharaoh Tv because he is a fun chill guy that likes playing games. He has a series called My Past His Legacy where he plays a old school games with his son. It is fun to see the bonding between the two of them.

#2 Dashiegames

What Do I Enjoy

I love Dashies energy, he is always having a good time no matter what game he’s playing. Even when he loses in a game he finds a way to spark things up and make you laugh. He also makes skits which are hilarious.

#3 Alloy Sevens

What Do I Enjoy

Alloy Seven is the reason I started my Youtube channel, in the beginning I was confused on how to record gameplay without copyright issues and he explained everything with much clarity. He makes teaching videos on how to grow your channel and make better content. He is focused on building a positive gaming community where people can learn and support each other.

#4 Timothy DeLaGhetto

What Do I Enjoy

Timothy DeLaGhetto is the hustler of the year! If you watch a couple of his vlogs you will see that he is always on the go and focused on growing his brand. He calls his life style the Fresh Price mode where he plans on rapping and acting. He taught me that if you want something you have to keep hustling till you get it.

#5 Jeanpants

What Do I Enjoy

I like Jeanpants because she is a chill relaxed gamer. A lot of times people think in order to be a gamer you have to yell and shout, Jean plays League of Legends with her friends and subscribers. She focuses on build a true relationship with her audience.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen these are my favorite Youtubers for the week comment below and tell me what you thought and if you have some suggestion on Youtubers to watch lets me know in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel for weekly videos.

Take care everyone Dear Gamer Signing Out!

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